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Foil Blanket Experience

The Foil Blanket Experience

May 21, 2017 Comments (0) News

Gaping Gill In The News

Gaping Gill Britains Largest Cavern

Gaping Gill In The News

Gaping Gill in the Yorkshire Dales featured in the news recently, as Sky News reported on the opening of Britain’s largest cavern; the Yorkshire Dales National Park is preparing to open the cave to the public.

The cavern is seldom open to the public, with only two dates a year being available to go down in to the massive cave system, if you are brave enough and don’t mind heights; it is 110m from the top to the bottom…and you are lowered down via a rather precarious looking – but entirely safe – chair mechanism.

A couple of years ago Sara and I hiked up Ingleborough, and we happened to have chosen one of days that the cavern was open; and as you can tell by the image, there were a lot of people milling around, and it was very popular.

And look out for a first hand account write-up of what it’s like to enter the largest cavern in Britain, as Hike.Mountain.Trail’s very own Pingu (Jane Carrigan) has actually DONE IT…and there may just be some piccies too!

  • Gaping Gill Britains Largest Cavern
    Gaping Gill Britains Largest Cavern

You can read the article here at Sky News Inside Britain’s biggest cavern.


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