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May 16, 2017 Comments (0) News

Spot The Hike.Mountain.Trail Team

Sara Whyman, Jane Carrigan, Phil Whyman HIKING

Spot The Hike.Mountain.Trail team…and say HI!

We are pretty regular outdoorers (I do believe I just made that word up, but feel free to propagate it!), and if you are too then keep your eyes peeled; you may just spot the Hike.Mountain.Trail team! Whether it’s Pen y Ghent, Snowdon, Barf from Powter How…or even Kilimanjaro, we get about a fair bit.

If you happen to see a group of four ordinary-looking folks of average fitness (I may actually be less than that, but don’t tell anyone…), consisting of two girls, one guy, and a teenager you may just be looking at the Hike.Mountain.Trail team.

BUT…if you are not sure, if there is a niggling doubt inside your head, then there is just one thing you can do: COME AND SAY ‘HELLO’.

That’s right…come and introduce yourself – or yourselves if there are a couple or so of you; and to be honest, we would more than welcome the short breather!

We’d love to meet you out and about wherever that may be: half way up a mountain track; trekking across open moorland; arguing about who was to blame for taking that wrong turn five miles back, and who’s idea it was to listen to that advice (you know where I am coming from), etc.

To prove how friendly and approachable we are, here are some recent mugshots of the Hike.Mountain.Trail team, to help you identify us whilst out in the great outdoors:

  • Ben Woodward HIKING
    Ben - Hike.Mountain.Trail
  • Sara and Jane HIKING
    Sara and Pingu - Hike.Mountain.Trail
  • Sara Whyman - Hike.Mountain.Trail
  • Sara-Phil-Jane - Hike.Mountain.Trail HIKING
    Sara-Phil-Jane - Hike.Mountain.Trail
  • Sara Whyman, Jane Carrigan, Phil Whyman HIKING
    Team - Hike.Mountain.Trail
  • Phil Whyman HIKING
    Phil Whyman

So, there you have it…that’s us. Memorize those faces well, and you never know; we might catch you on the trail at some point. Happy hiking…

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