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1000 Mile 3 Season Sock Review

1000 Mile 3 Season Sock - Hiking

1000 Mile 3 Season Sock

Socks are socks, right? WRONG!
When it comes to spending decent lengths of time in the outdoors you really must pay attention to what you put your feet into, other than your footwear. For instance, if you are out hiking for hours on end then the chances are that if you stuff up your sock – by getting a poorly made pair, a pair too thin, or even too thick – you’ll know about it in a painful kind of way: *whispers blisters*

1000 Mile are one of the best recognised brands when it comes to socks; they do a shed load of different sorts.

From the get-go, the 1000 Mile 3 season sock feels quality; you know it will serve you well; you could say it may be your sole mate… (apologies for that).

Made from merino wool and therefore nice and soft, the sock is – provided you get the correct size, of course – a very comfortable fit. As you would expect from a quality sock brand, the 1000 Mile 3 season sock comes with a few added extras built in:

  • A padded zone that covers your ankle.
  • Top and arch ventilation to help facilitate breathability and prevent overheating.
  • Padded zone on the heal area to help protect the Achilles tendon.
  • Additional support for top arch.
  • Extra padding for the toe, ball, and mid foot areas.
  • Flat seams (which help prevent chafing / friction sores).

What does it feel like inside a boot? Well, when worn with Garmont Dakota Lite boots, the sock feels nice and snug around the foot and boot. And, after being out walking for the day they did admirably; in fact, Goldilocks springs to mind, when it came to performance: not too hot, not too cold… just right. Which is great as they are a three-season sock (spring, summer, and autumn – or fall, if you’re American).

The 1000 Mile 3 season sock comes in the following sizes, with the colour of the toe seam denoting the size:


  • M (with a GREEN toe seam)
  • L (with a RED toe seam)
  • XL (with a ROYAL BLUE toe seam)


  • LS (with a BLUE toe seam)
  • LM (with a LILAC toe seam)


A very competent hiking sock from one of the best-known sock brands.

1000 Mile 3 Season Socks can be purchased from 1000 Mile UK, HERE, (and of course from other good stockists).

Weight: 75%

Fit: 85%

Comfort: 90%

Sock Features: 91%

The 1000 Mile 3 Season Sock is a strong performer and did admirably well when worn for a day hike during oour review testing.

Total Score 85%

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