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Coleman CXS+200 Headlamp Review

Coleman CXS+200 Headlamp

I must admit to owning several torches, which I use predominantly during my stints sitting in the dark in haunted places; you could say I am quite illuminated when it comes to reviewing them (sorry!). So, when I was given the Coleman CXS+200 LED headlamp from Coleman – that trusted brand and veteran in the annals of all things outdoor – I couldn’t wait to review it.

Straight out of the box the Coleman CXS+200 LED headlamp looks and feels robust, and I can imagine it lasting a long time before you need to think about replacing it, which is always good; it’s solid. In the box that the headlamp arrives in you will find 3x AAA batteries, that Coleman have rather thoughtfully included for you, as well as an adjustable strap which you attach the Coleman CXS+200 to, and an instruction leaflet. When the lamp is attached to the strap it gives a comfortable, secure fit. The lamp has a choice of several angle options for you to utilise.

The lamp has 5 modes of operation, with a maximum output of 200 lumens. The modes are cycled by each press of the power button, on top of the lamp. They are:

Red Light (for night time use)
Low power / 20 lumens / giving up to 40 hours of illumination.
Medium power / 70 lumens / giving up to 10 hours of light.
High power / 150 lumens / giving up to 3 hours of light.
Extra bright / 200 lumens / giving 2.5 hours of illumination.

Warning: the extra bright setting is pretty powerful, so don’t do what I just did and look at it; you’ll be seeing those pesky blotchy patches in your vision for at least 5 minutes!

The Coleman CXS+200 has a couple of innovative features which I really like; REAX auto-adaptive lighting, and Battery Lock.

What is REAX?
Basically the REAX auto-adaptive feature automatically adjusts the light pattern / brightness, depending on what you are doing. For instance, if you are looking at something within a few feet (like a map) the REAX feature automatically dims the brightness so as not to blind you with its light reflecting off the nearby surface / object. And if you are looking further ahead – say at the floor whilst walking at night – the brightness automatically adjusts so that you are given a brighter, more powerful beam of light. I think it’s a great feature, and saves you messing about with switching between modes. To activate this feature, you simply switch on the headlamp, and then press and hold the power button for 4 seconds.

What is the Battery Lock feature?
The Coleman Battery Lock feature means you can leave your batteries in the headlamp without having to worry about them being drained; it also helps to eliminate battery leakage. When the Battery Lock is activated the batteries are disengaged from the connections in the torch, meaning there is no active circuit, and therefore no power drain and less chance of leakage. Clever.

I wouldn’t recommend dropping any kind of torch if you can help it, but if you do happen to drop the Coleman CXS+200 it can comfortably handle a bounce from a height of 2m; just don’t do it too often! With an IPX rating of 4, the lamp can cope with being splashed with water without any of it entering the housing.

So, what’s the verdict?
I like it. The Coleman CXS+200 has a good range of illumination, is comfortable to wear, and has a decent range of modes. Both the REAX auto-adaptive lighting and the Battery Lock features are neat ideas.

For more information about the Coleman CXS+200 (and other Coleman headlamps), please head over to Coleman UK

Weight: 80%

Size: 75%

Functions: 90%

Water Resistance: 70%

Max Output (Lumens): 76%

Coleman CXS+200 : A very competant headlamp from the trusted Coleman brand, with some really useful features.

Total Score 78%

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