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Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6 Review

Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6

Depending on what part of the Hike.Mountain.Trail site you visited first, you may or may not have seen me mention this brilliant little gadget from Celestron, those same clever people who make binoculars, spotting scopes, and other high quality optics: this is the Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6; a 3 in 1 unit consisting of a hand-warmer, flashlight, and power bank.

Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6

Weighing in at 6.2oz and only 51mm x24mm x 117mm in size the Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6 packs a pretty decent punch. As mentioned above it is a 3 in 1 unit particularly suited to the outdoor environment.

FIRST FUNCTION: The flashlight
The 4-LED flashlight (2x white and 2x red LED’s) is good and offers four modes of operation. The first of these is the standard flashlight, with the 2 white LED’s lit. The second mode is handy for night time navigation / night time use, as it’s the 2 red LED’s that are lit; this helps your pupils adjust to the dark easier than white light does. The third mode activates all the LED’s – white and red, whilst the fourth mode again sees all the LED’s in operation, but they pulse out the S.O.S code. All of the modes are activated and toggled via the On / Off button.

  • Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
    Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
  • Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
    Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
  • Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
    Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6

As far as I am concerned an additional means to charge up your devices such as GPS or mobile phone is a must, in case you get in to a situation where you suddenly find yourself running low on juice, and a power bank comes in very handy indeed. The built-in power bank of the Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6 is capable of fully charging your average smartphone up to 2.5x via the USB out port; as soon as a device is attached the Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6 automatically begins charging it. The unit is rated at 6000mAh.

A handy feature is the Celestron Elements C-Link function; this enables compatible Elements devices to be attached to each other for extending the heat time of the hand warmer or battery recharging purposes. Very clever.

  • Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
    Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
  • Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
    Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6

THIRD FUNCTION: The hand warmer
I really like this function, and it came in very handy (forgive the pun) during my recent climb up Mount Snowdon in Wales. A long press of the power button activates the hand warmer mode, as indicated by the red LED that comes on, and within a few minutes the unit is at full operating temperature. Celestron claim that the Firecel Mega 6’s hand warming capabilities can last for up to 8 hours on a fully charged (lithium ion) battery, giving out a pretty respectable temperature of up to 45°C. I can tell you first-hand that this feels great when your fingers and hands are being bitten by the cold, like mine were at the summit of Snowdon; they soon warmed up though after holding this device for a little while.

  • Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6
    Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6

All the ports and the power button proper are protected by an endcap that can be opened by simply turning the locking screw. Whilst the endcap is on the unit is fully protected from dust, and is also water resistant; the unit has an IP65 rating.

Accompanying the Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6 in the box:

1 x USB cable
1 x Soft carry pouch
1 x 4” 550 paracord strap with carabiner attachment (this attaches to the Mega 6 endcap locking screw)

I must briefly mention the packaging; it really looks the part and tells you that what is inside is a quality piece of kit. And it is.
The Celestron Elements Firecel Mega 6 is part of the Celestron Elements range and is a must have device for any outdoor enthusiast to have in their kit.



Battery type/size: Lithium Ion / 6000 mAh
Battery life: Hand warmer function – Up to 8 hours
Hand warmer temperature range: Up to 45°C
Power curve feature: Fits ergonomically in your hand ensuring full contact when using hand warmer
Battery life: Warmer/Light simultaneous: 2 hours

Flashlight functions:
White LEDs on
Red LEDs on
White and Red LEDs on
White and Red LEDs flashing S.O.S.
Flashlight life: 60 Hours (S.O.S. mode)
Bulb Watts/Lumens: (2) Bright White and (2) Red LEDs

Dust standard 6: Complete dust protection
Water standard 5: Water resistant- Protected from 6.3mm spray of water (12.5 litres per minute) in any direction

Power output: (1) USB PORT :5V-2.1A
Power input: Mini USB Port: (Celestron Smart Charge) 5V- 500mA to 1.8A max
Input charge time: PC USB Port: 500 mA 12 HOURS
PC USB Port: 1800 mA 4 HOURS5V/1A plug: 1000mA 6 HOURS

Auto charge feature: Plug into the standard USB port and the FireCel Mega 6 will automatically start to charge your device

C-Link feature: Compatible with Celestron’s Power Tank GO and any other Celestron Elements device with a “charge out” feature. Extends heat time to up to 16 HOURS*

4”-550 paracord strip with carabiner
USB charging cable
Soft carry pouch

Weight: 177g /6.2 oz.
Dimensions: 51.19mm x 24.42mm x 117.71mm


Weight: 80%

Size: 95%

Functions: 90%

Water Resistance: 80%

Design: 84%

Price: 80%

A must have gadget for any outdoor enthusiast.

Total Score 85%

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