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About Hike.Mountain.Trail: Who Are We?

About Hike.Mountain.Trail: Who Are We?

So, you’ve stumbled across the Hike.Mountain.Trail website; congratulations! But you may be wondering just who are HMT?


All is revealed in answer to the question 'Who are Hike.Mountain.Trail?'

Well wonder no more, for in the words that follow all will be revealed…

Hike.Mountain.Trail was started by me Phil Whyman, outdoor enthusiast and a keen hiker. Some of you may be thinking that my name sounds familiar, and you would be correct; I am a former television presenter whom you may have seen on certain paranormal investigation shows in the past.

About Hike.Mountain.Trail

Since moving to the south Yorkshire area of England, my enthusiasm for the outdoors has grown immensely, and it’s hardly surprising really considering the shear wealth of choice that living in this part of the country offers the keen outdoorsman; the Yorkshire Dales; North Yorkshire moors and parks; the Peak District; the Lake District, to name just a few of the well-known areas local me.

Hike.Mountain.Trail was put together with the everyday outdoor enthusiast in mind; and by that I mean you don’t have to be a superhuman Everest-conquering mountaineer to enjoy a long hike, a few days in the wilderness camping, or to scramble up a decent sized mountain.

At Hike.Mountain.Trail you’ll find interviews with people who relish being out in the open, such as Becky and Karl from Adventure Lens; interviews with folks who regularly contribute for the enjoyment of others, such as Mike Brockhurst aka The Walking Englishman, or Claire Sharp and Richard Jemmett from iFootpath.

There are regular features such as My Favourite Hikes, as well as adventure and expedition write ups such as Jane Carrigan’s Climbing Kilimanjaro: The Roof of Africa.

We’ll have videos, advice, hints & tips, photo galleries, and a of course a blog!

And to round it all off there is our Gear Review section, where we at Hike.Mountain.Trail will endeavour to give you the low down on all manner of kit connected to the great outdoors.

But there is not just me running the show here. Regular contributors to the site include my wife Sara Whyman, herself a keen hiker. And our good friend Jane Carrigan (known as Pingu for some strange reason…). You can check out their own personal pages to find out what makes them tick.

So, there you have it. The ins and outs of Hike.Mountain.Trail.


Phil Whyman – founder


About Hike.Mountain.Trail

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