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March 8, 2017 Comments (1) Interviews

Adventure Lens Interview

Adventure Lens - Becky Fowler & Karl Stapleton

Outdoor enthusiasts Becky Fowler and Karl Stapleton tell us about Adventure Lens, favourite hikes, and other jolly interesting bits and pieces!

Interview: Adventure Lens

Outdoor enthusiasts Becky Fowler and Karl Stapleton tell Hike. Mountain. Trail about Adventure Lens, favourite hikes, and other jolly interesting bits and pieces!

HMT: Hi guys, many thanks for chatting to Hike. Mountain. Trail. Tell us a little about Adventure Lens and how it all came about.

B&K: We started Adventure Lens after family and friends suggested we write about our adventures. We thought it was a great way to record where we go and what we find. The name comes from our love for adventure and desire to capture wild places through photography. Many people say they love looking at our pictures and that it inspires them to visit places themselves.

HMT: Tell us about your favourite hiking experience.

BF: My favourite hiking experience was a very funny moment. We were ascending Whernside and Karl was just ahead of me whilst I was taking photos. He got chatting to two other walkers and when I caught him up one of the guys looked strangely familiar. I knew the face but couldn’t think where I knew him from. About 5 minutes later, I said to the guy, “I recognise your face” and then it suddenly dawned on me it was the actor who played Eric Pollard in the TV soap Emmerdale. I found it quite funny that Karl had no idea who he was and had been chatting to a TV personality without even knowing! It’s not every day you bump into someone from the TV climbing up a mountain!


KS: My most memorable experience was on Snowdon. We decided to take the more challenging route down the Watkin path. Despite it being sunny when we set off, Mother Nature was against us and the fog surrounded the summit. Visibility was down to around 10 metres and this made navigation rather difficult on a route we had never done before. While I was loving every minute of it and galloping ahead, Becky was petrified of slipping on the scree with every step she took, and convinced she was going to fall off the hidden edge. It took some encouragement, but we made it down OK and have laughed about it ever since.

  • Adventure Lens interview
    Where's the edge gone?

HMT: Photography features prominantly on your hikes; what is your favourite photo that you have taken?

B&K: The photo we love the most taken on our first adventure together, is this one of the stunning view in the Brecon Beacons. We did a circular walk around the beautiful Craigy nos Castle where we stayed, which prompted our love for the great outdoors and many years of adventures.

  • Adventure Lens favourite photo
    Craig Y Nos castle, Wales.


HMT: What is your favourite piece of outdoor gear?

BF: Personally, I cannot go anywhere without taking a camera of some form. I love finding that perfect shot of a stunning landscape to a silly moment when one of us falls over in the mud! (Happened many times!) I either use my IPhone or our Nikon DSLR.

KS: My favourite piece of equipment is my Jetboil. There’s nothing better than having a proper hot drink or meal when on top of a mountain or sheltering in a cave.

HMT: Have you ever started a walk and wish that you hadn’t?

B&K: Both of us looked at each other, thought for about 3 seconds and then simultaneously said “The Bog!” This particular hike was in the Peak District. We had walked along Stanage Edge, when the weather turned against us. We decided to take a short cut along a footpath which was clearly on the OS map, but nowhere to be found. We could see our car in the distance across what we thought was a long grass field, but before we knew it we were knee deep in swamp water and peat bog. We were soaked from underneath and drenched from above, but we finally made it back. The dogs were filthy and the car stunk the whole way home. To this day, we’ve never been so filthy wet!

  • Hiking with Adventure Lens
    Don't mention the bog!

HMT: How do you chill out after a long day out in the countryside?

B&K: The best way to end a day out walking is always with a hot soak, hot chocolates and sorting through the photos we have taken that day. It’s great to look back at the pictures and remember the funny and interesting things we have done.

HMT: Mountain hike or lakeside stroll? (And why?)

BF: My favourite type of walk has to be along some eerie, windswept moors. Love the bleakness. Always reminds me of the film Wuthering Heights!

KS: I’m personally fond of the mountains. The Lake District is my favourite for the amazing scenery and the sense of achievement when you finally reach the top of a peak, even if it is gale force winds!

  • Back to basics - Adventure Lens
    Back to basics.
  • The Adventure Lens faithful companions
    Faithful companions.
  • Adventure Lens: Exploring Dungeness
    Exploring Dungeness.

Many thanks to Becky and Karl for giving Hike. Mountain. Trail a little insight in to their own outdoor experiences.
Make sure to pop over to Adventure Lens and have a look around, it’s really interesting and has some fantastic photos.

Image credits: Becky Fowler/Karl Stapleton. Copyright © 2014-2017 Adventure Lens. All rights reserved.

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  1. Helen John says:

    Really well written and a very enjoyable read. I always look forward to seeing Rebecca and Karl’s photographs and reading about their adventures.

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